Amanda Bynes Denies Taking Topless Pics – WHAT???

Posted on May 24 2013 - 12:24am by Joanne
Amanda Bynes Boobs

Amanda Bynes, AKA “A Weirdo Alone In New York,” is in (probably drug influenced) total denial of taking topless pics of herself in her bathroom AND posting them on Twitter!!!

OK, not sure what to say to that…

Maybe let’s hear what a source close to Amanda “Weirdo” Bynes has to say to the incident:

“Amanda has no grounds whatsoever to sue the magazine because that is her in the photos and it’s definitely inside her apartment. I’ve been in her apartment. That’s her bed and that’s her bathroom, and that’s Amanda. Amanda lives by ‘deny, deny, deny,’ so that’s what she’s doing. But she knows that’s her apartment and that’s her in the photos. She’s just embarrassed.”

But, believe it or not, it’s getting even better:

“And she was obviously partying that night and probably doesn’t even remember the pictures being taken in the first place.”

So in plain English, it’s possible Amanda was just too hammered to remember the whole thing???

Amanda, please let us know on which drugs exactly you’re lately that we can avoid them like the plague ;)

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