Jennifer Lopez Talking About Son’s ADORBZ Love Message @ “The Ellen Show” – WATCH HERE!!!

Posted on Jan 15 2014 - 10:44am by Jay
Jennifer Lopez Love Message Ellen DeGeneres

OMFG!!! That’s sooo freakin’ swEEEt!!! :’)

Jennifer Lopez has been guest on “The Ellen Show” yesterday and Ellen DeGeneres dug up a suuuper CUTEEE love message JLo‘s five year old son Maximilian left next to his mom’s bed in an envelope with “To Mom From Max” written on it, saying:

“I’ll luv you beyond forever mom.”

Oh My God!!! Seriously, that’s almost too ADORBZ to be true!!!!!!

JLo, we’ll also LOVE you “beyond forever,” especially being so swEEEt & BEAUTIFUL!!!

CHECK how truly AH-MAZING Jennifer looks without makeup HERE!!!

JLo even took the out of this world ADORABLE message to her Instagram account:

CHECK Jennifer Lopez talking about her son’s LOVE message on “The Ellen Show” HERE:

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