Kristen Stewart: Snow White Is “Butch”!!!

Posted on Feb 18 2012 - 11:37pm by Isabella

In a brand new interview, Kristen talks about her new leading lady and why she’s anything but your typical “princess” from a fairytale!!!

Kristen Stewart is certainly not a girly girl…

But it turns out her character, Snow White, in the upcoming action flick, Snow White and the Huntsman, has more in common with Kristen than we would have originally thought!!!

“That’s the first thing you wanna do is, ahhh!” Kristen said, pounding her chest and screaming like Tarzan.

“And,the dress underneath, is so wearable. I also have puffy sleeves. Somehow she manages to make puffy sleeves look butch.”

Unlike Disney’s version of Snow White, in Kristen’s film, Snow White is forced to become a warrior and fight in battles in order to take down the evil queen.

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