Matthew McConaughey Travels INTERSTELLAR @ Christopher Nolan’s Upcoming Movie – WATCH TRAILER!!!

Posted on Dec 15 2013 - 12:29pm by Jay
Matthew McConaughey Interstellar Christopher Nolan

This looks promising!!!

Matthew McConaughey looks seriously troubled in the first official trailer for “Interstellar”

Christopher Nolan (Batman) is the director of the upcoming science fiction film about a team of space travelers who traveled through a wormhole!!!

Explanation for the non nerds among you, a wormhole is a hypothetical “shortcut” through spacetime which theoretically connects widely-separated regions of space and time…

Dr. Sheldon Cooper is most probably going to kill us for that explanation ((O.O))

Anyway, the first official trailer for “Interstellar” looks really good and makes us wait anxiously for the movie hitting theaters…

Unfortunately that’s not going to happen before November 7, 2014 :(

But maybe we can cut short the waiting time by traveling through a wormhole!!!

CHECK Matthew McConaughey in the first official trailer for “Interstellar” by Christopher Nolan HERE:

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