Zac Efron Hollywood’s Boy-Next-Door Once Had An Affair With Crimped Hair Which Is Quite A Scare *jaws dropped*

Posted on Jun 15 2014 - 10:35pm by fashioNICEta
Zac Efrons Throwback Crimped Hair Selfie Quite Scary

Is there anything you could possibly NOT love about Zac? Anyone could just follow him around like a lost puppy. Those dreamy blue eyes, killer smile, sweet charming personality and PERF hair (I’m sure you get the picture) ;)
We were all in awe when he posted on Instagram a #throwback photo of little Zac playing baseball (Go #TeamZE !!!) and who can EVER forget when he dressed up as ‘Brittany’ with Seth Rogen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Falcon (Ew!) Well for those who haven’t watched it yet, YOU’RE MISSING HALF OF YOUR LIVES so here it is..

But the thing is there was actually a time in our Zefron‘s life that he had CRIMPED HAIR!! You hear me, C-R-I-M-P-E-D hair. I know.. *sniffs* Anyway, I’m sure not even a bad hair day photo (thanks to The Sun) could make us NOT want him anymore (I sure still do) so here you go..

Zac Efrons Throwback Crimped Hair Selfie Quite Scary Selfie

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  1. GaryB 06/30/2014 at 1:24 am - Reply

    Lol! What happened to you Zac my man? I’m one of your avid fans but this hair style sucks!

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